The demand for olive oil varies considerably throughout the year, which is why good conservation is so important. Normally, oil mills have cellars with large tanks located in enclosures which in summer can reach high temperatures, especially in the south of Spain where most of the production is concentrated. The problem is that if the oil rises in temperature it begins to lose organoleptic properties that affect its quality, and with the thermal inertia that the oil has due to its thermodynamic properties, a refrigeration system is necessary to guarantee a good conservation temperature and prevent it from overheating.

In the cellar, around 10,000,000 kg of oil can be stored, the optimum temperature is around 20ºC-25ºC. In this case, a R-290 chiller with GH and 4 units of air coolers was proposed, all monitored with kiconex.

Córdoba, Spain

Food industry