Mercovasa refrigeración INTARCON

Food distribution is one of the industries with the greatest need for refrigeration. MERCOVASA is a wholesale fruit and vegetable market that supplies retailers in the local area and fruit and vegetable distributors in many regions of Spain. They needed to refurbish a four-chamber area, an antechamber and a sales room. 

The proposed solution was two chillers with R290 MWV-KD-80401 (50kw each chiller driving at -10ºC) with partial recovery and corresponding external hydraulic units:

  • Main circuit: pump + reserve pump + 750l buffer tank + pump + variable speed reserve pump.
  • Recovery circuit: pump + reserve pump + 750l buffer tank + pump + pump + fixed speed reserve pump.

Visualisation, control and configuration via kiconex of the entire system operation of the installation:

  • Customised programming of the operation of chillers with hot glycol defrosting embedded in coils.
  • Recovery system management.
  • Supervision and control of chillers and hydraulic units.

Advantages of the proposed solution for refrigeration in the food distribution sector: it is a definitive solution with a natural refrigerant such as propane, it is safe in the event of a problem as there are two chillers in parallel. Hot glycol defrosting and variable pumping in the secondary of the main circuit makes the installation more efficient.

Valencia, Spain

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