INTARCON was chosen as supplier for more than 60 refrigeration units for positive and negative temperature cold rooms for five refrigerated logistics centres in Angola.

Compact refrigeration units

INTARCON developed and supplied the compact refrigeration units with a compressor power between 10 and 30 HP. The low-temperature chillers were equipped with vapour-injected scroll compressors that offer improved performance and optimum energy efficiency at low cooling temperatures.

The units were fully factory tested and designed to minimise installation time on site.

Installation details

Each logistics centre consists of three cold rooms and a loading dock area. The high humidity and positive temperature rooms and the loading dock area have two refrigeration units each. The negative temperature room has six refrigeration units, all of which are designed for a set point temperature of up to -30 °C.

All units are connected via an internal Modbus control system, and the entire refrigeration installation is controlled by a central monitoring system.


Cold logistics network in Angola

The overall project comprises the development and construction of a cold logistics network in Angola, covering Luanda-Kikuxi, Malange, Soyo, Benguela and Lubango. This project aims to exploit food resources in Angola, stimulating the production of agricultural, livestock and fishery products by preserving them at cold temperatures and distributing them throughout the country.


Logistic centres