The company Jamones Amutio Olave had a complex installation, due to the number of autonomous dryers with leakage problems, with a large amount of refrigerant per circuit.

Transferring this problem to the installer, a solution was proposed with an INTARCON cooling plant with R-152a (refrigerant with a GWP of only 124), of 160 kW with glycol water at -10ºC. The unit is equipped with 4 semi-hermetic compressors of 40 HP, and a heat recovery system incorporated in the chiller itself, which is capable of obtaining hot water at +40ºC to supply its dryers (180 kW) by means of heat recovery, practically free of charge.

The main advantage of this solution is the use of the low GWP refrigerant R-152a. In addition, the system uses very low refrigerant charge for refrigeration production as it is confined only inside the chiller. The gas in the chiller is rated as slightly flammable, but the chiller is located outside the building, so no additional safety measures have to be added to the installation


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