DeliNova a food wholesaler of delicatessen products (meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, fruit, etc.) has chosen INTARCON’s refrigeration solutions for their new facility in Willemstad, Curaçao.

Indirect refrigeration system in DeliNova’s cold rooms and loading docks.

Four brine chillers provide 166 kW of cooling which is distributed to the cold rooms, prechambers and loading docks.

Two intarWatt heavy duty units providing 136 kW of cooling capacity, and two intarCUBE units providing 30 kW distribute to a total of 34 air-cooled commercial and industrial cube and wedge type air-cooled chillers distributed between the meat, fish, fruit and vegetable cold rooms, and the product receiving and shipping loading docks.

This installation is monitored and controlled by the kiconex system based on Industry 4.0.

Advantages of an installation with an indirect cooling system.

Indirect cooling systems bring greater environmental sustainability to the plant, as well as significant energy savings.

Willemstad, Curazao

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