The company DeliKatetxe  is dedicated to the production of high quality meat products. For their new facilities, they needed to refrigerate both the production process of the products and the conservation of the processed products until they leave the factory.

The company had decided by a natural gas refrigeration system, as they are very conscious of environmental protection and the reduction of energy consumption.For this reason, an intarCUBE MWV-KD-80501 R290 glycol process chillers with external hydraulic unit has been supplied, which serves the cubic-type air coolers for the storage chambers for uncleaned vegetables, cleaned vegetables, vegetable cleaning rooms, conservation of primary material and finished product. This chiller also supplies the double-flow air coolers in the hamburger production area. The installation also has two low-temperature chambers for the storage of finished product with compact R290 rooftop units.

Thanks to the kiconex supervision and control system, the refrigeration installation is monitored and controlled remotely, avoiding trips to the maintenance company.

Elorrio, Bizkaia, Spain

Supermarkets – Food distribution