Caracoles Los Abuelos


The Cordovan company Los Abuelos Caracoles has relied on INTARCON equipment for the replacement of the refrigeration system.

The installation company Cool Concept has replaced a medium temperature R449A plant with a 256 kW intarWatt air-cooled glycol chiller at -8ºC to serve the medium temperature chambers and the low temperature CO2 condensation, and 2 glycol-CO2 exchangers (with 2-way valve with proportional actuator, for proportional condensation control in the CO2 plant).

The chiller has an integrated hydraulic module, with constant flow in the primary and variable flow in the secondary, both with double pump.

The complete refrigeration system is supervised by kiconex, an IoT platform that allows the installation to be managed remotely, which also integrates an Eliwell low-temperature CO2 control.

Advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution:

  • Solution with reduced refrigerant charge and confined in the chiller plant. All refrigerant circulating in the plant is now natural refrigerant (CO2 or glycol).
  • Easy installation of the new distribution system.
  • Monitoring all services.
  • Freeing up space in the engine room.
  • Elimination of leaks.
  • The variable flow rate improves seasonal performance even though it is an indirect system.

Alcolea, Cordoba, Spain

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