Refrigeración Bodega Barcience

The Bodega Barcience of  Eulogio Ramos concentrates its activity on the salting and drying of hams and pork shoulders. With almost 30 years of experience, it is a leader in its sector. Nowadays, it is in the process of expanding and adapting its facilities to the demands of the market.

Refrigeration Bodega Barcience de Eulogio Ramos, S.A.

To this purpose, they have relied on one of the most innovative and efficient refrigeration solutions, installing FRICAMAN, an ammonia – ammolite – chiller plant.

With ammolite, one of the two chillers in service has been eliminated, which due to its design, with high operating temperatures outside, did not deliver the necessary power to maintain the installation in operation. This caused high pressure stops. As a solution, Fricaman has installed our ammolite chiller in parallel. Its position as a “master” allows the existing chiller to modulate the cooling capacity, with fewer compressors in service, eliminating the risk of continuous stops in the installation.

Today, the refrigeration system at Bodega Barcience has a more reliable installation. Ammolite has eliminated supply interruptions in the refrigeration system, increasing production capacity with less energy consumption. In addition, this modular system makes possible another of Fricaman’s objectives, the future expansion of the facilities. Thanks to the adaptation of ammolite the new installation of new chillers would be possible, without the need to increase the electrical power and the consequent savings in energy consumption. 

Toledo, Spain

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