This installation is a new hotel in Chipiona, where we wanted to prioritise the energy efficiency of the installation, both in the chambers and in the air conditioning of the hotel.

The refrigeration needs were:

Medium Temperature: 23 kW
Low Temperature: 12 kW
Hight Temperature: 18 kW

We proposed a direct expansion plant with HFC, R134a with 3 scroll compressors, one of them Digital ®, for the storage rooms, another R134a plant, with 2 compressors with one Digital ®, for the work rooms, and finally a R449A plant, with 2 compressors with one Digital ®, for the frozen storage rooms.

All of them were equipped with anti-corrosion condenser coil coating due to the proximity to the sea, and something that was very important for both the installer and the property, a double automatic activation manoeuvre, to reduce possible problems due to a failure of the electronics.


The main advantage of this installation is that due to the number of chambers, 11 in MV, 6 in HV and 2 in LV, it is centralised by temperature range.

Both the installer and the property owner have valued very favourably the technical advice provided, the finishes and qualities of the equipment, which are in line with the standards they expect from this type of product, as well as the perception that the equipment is reliable, efficient and robust.

Chipiona, Spain

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