Badía Park hotel


The renovation of all cold rooms in the kitchen of this hotel was carried out, which included the renovation of the refrigeration production system. Initially, both Subcritical and Transcritical CO2 solutions were proposed, with the latter being selected. The equipment finally installed consists of:

Medium + High Temperature Compressors 3x Dorin semi-hermetic compressor of transcritical CO2 for MV, of 5.5CV power. One of them with frequency inverter.
2x Dorin semi-hermetic transcritical CO2 compressor for parallel compression, 3.6 HP power. One of them with frequency inverter.
Low Temperature Compressors 3x Dorin semi-hermetic subcritical CO2 compressor, 1.0 HP. One of them with frequency inverter.

The plant includes Total Heat Recovery, ICS valve for the suction of the HV services.

All the evaporators were supplied for this project.

The entire installation is monitored and managed with a Kiconex 64 Professional, in which, in addition to integrating all our equipment, we have also integrated the Electronic Expansion Valves of the evaporators, the control panel of the Total Heat Recovery and all the CO2 Leak Detectors (AKO). In total there are 64 addresses.

Advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution:

  • Centralised system, interesting in a hotel accommodating almost 1000 people.
  • Ecological, economical and future-proof refrigerant.
  • Possibility of Heat Recovery, very interesting for these buildings.
  • Questionable efficiency for the cooling needs of a hotel, where LV loads are low and the main loads are HV.
  • Relatively complex technological solution for this market segment.