intarCUBE Refrigeration split units with centrifugal condenser

IntarCUBE series are Refrigeration split systems c0mposed by a condensing unit for indoors installation with centrifugal condensing fan and one or two industrial cubic type evaporating units.

IntarCUBE series comprises every regulation and control, except electrical and frigorific connection. Each unit has been previously tested  to guarantee an optimal performance under the most adverse conditions.

Condensing unit of MSV and BSV series, have been designed for engine room installation, featuring centrifugal condensation fans, for outdoor hot air ducting.

  • MSV series: positive temperature, from 4,6 to 42 kW
  • BSV series: negative temperature, from 3,4 to  26,0 kW

  • 400V-III-50Hz power supply.
  • R404A refrigerant.
  • Hermetic reciprocating or Scroll compressors, with noise insulation and discharge muffler, mounted on shock absorbers, with internal klixon and crankcase heater.
  • Condensing coil made in copper pipes and aluminium fins, tropicalised for weather temperature up to 45ºC.
  • Evaporating unit fully equipped:
    • High efficiency evaporating coil in copper pipes and aluminium fins with 5/7 mm pitch between fins.
    • Thermostatic expansion valve and solenoid valve integrated.
    • Long-distance axial motorfans mounted on nozzles.
    • Defrosting heater imbricated in coil and tray.
    • Double tray duly insulated to avoid condensations.
    • Integrated aspiration siphon.
  • Medium-pressure centrifugal motorfans to duct outdoors the condensation hot air.
  • Stainless steel drain tray.
  • Refrigeration circuit made in annealed copper pipes, equipped with high and low pressure switches, service valves, security valves, liquid receiver and filter drier.
  • Fan speed control for proportional control of condensing temperature.
  • Electric panel, with magnetothermal switch for compressors, motorfans and defrosting cable heaters.
  • Multifunctional electronic control with remote control keyboard.

  • Anticorrosion coil coating.
  • Hot gas defrosting.
  • ModBus protocol and RS485 connection, as an option for external communication.
  • Long range air streamer.
  • Powered motor-fan for textil ducts.