Efimarket cooling plants for supermarkets

The cooling plants for supermarkets “efimarket” are cooling production centrals specially designed for refrigeration and air-conditioning of medium sized supermarkets, with indirect system of positive cool distribution by glycol water pumping, as well as cool/heat distribution for air-conditioning by a double water circuit.

Advantages of cooling plants for supermarkets efimarket
  • Combination of positive cooling and air-conditioning.
  • Cooling distribution by propilenglycol for positive cool and by water for air-conditioning.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Heat recovery for air-conditioning and cooling production economizer.
  • No refrigerant leaks.
  • Compact design for outdoors installations or working rooms.
  • Tropicalized design for ambient temperatures up to 45 ºC.
Construction of efimarket cooling plant

The efimarket cooling plants have a very compact construction comprising ar134a hermetic circuit along with hydraulic groups to pump glycol and water. They are available in two versions:

  • Series TWV-SY: with low noise axial fans for outdoors installation.
  • Series TWV-SCY: with radial fans and available static pressure for installation in engine rooms and condensed air ducting.

Available models
The following models of cooling plants for supermarkets are available efimarket.

Model Compressors Cooling PW.
glycol -10/-5ºC
Cooling PW.
agua 7/12ºC
Heat PW water 45/40ºC Nominal input PW Max absorbed intensity
TWV-15038 5x ZB38 26 kW 28 kW 38 kW 15 kW 43A
TWV-15045 5x ZB45 30 kW 32 kW 45 kW 18 kW 45A
TWV-25058 5x ZB58 39 kW 41 kW 60 kW 25 kW 65A
TWV-25076 5x ZB76 51 kW 54 kW 80 kW 32 kW 80A
TWV-25095 5x ZB95 62 kW 66 kW 100 kW 43 kW 120A
TWV-25114 5x ZB114 72 kW 76 kW 123 kW 53 kW 160A
Indirect system of cool production

The efimarket cool plants use propilenglicol as secondary refrigerant to distribute the positive cold in a double tube circuit, usually performed in polyethylene connection.

  • Rack of five scroll insulated compressors with rotalock service valves, mounted on shock absorbers, with internal clixon and crankcase resistance.
  • Condensing coil with large interchange surface.
  • Two electronic low consumption motor fans at variable speed, with electronic protection, dynamically balanced blazed and protection grills.
  • Cooling circuit of r134a refrigerant made in copper tubes with high and low pressure switches, service valves, thermostatic expansion valves, liquid receiver, filter and sight-glass.
  • Oil accumulator and separator witn individual electronic injection per compressor.
  • Copper soldered plate interchangers in stainless steel, with antifreeze resistance.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve and electronic expansion valve for cool production.
  • Cool production economizer with medium pressure thermostatic expansion.
  • Cycle inversion valve for condensation heat recovery and heat pump performance.
  • Hydraulic circuit made in cupper tubes with flux interrupters filters, expansion bottles, security valves, thermo manometers, air purgers and dump valves.
  • Glycol circulation pump with stainless steel impellers at variable speed to keep constant differential pressure, with reserve pump.
  • Water circulating pumps for heating purpose, with reserve pump.
  • Electric control panel, with thermic, magneto thermic protection of compressor, motor fans and hydraulic pumps.
  • Electronic regulation of positive cold at five stages and air conditioning&heating at three stages, with temperature set points of water return, inlet-outlet temperature probes of glycol and water, high, medium and low pressure transducers, temperature probes for liquid refrigerant and compressors discharge, antifreeze control, digital condensing pressure control with floating set point, digital control interface.
  • Emergency electromechanic power.
  • External communication throught ModBus and RS485 connection.

  • Hot glycol for defrosting.
  • Anticorrosion coil cover.
  • Energy counter.